What’s a Brand Champion?

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May 8, 2023

OLG’s approach to brand development consulting is centered around Soul Sessions, our signature service.

A crucial element of this process are the individuals we engage to participate in it—a chorus of voices, creating an anthem of authenticity.

We call them Brand Champions.

Most often, we’ll work with our clients to identify 8–12 Brand Champions. They should represent different constituencies within the organization; often, they’re management and board level, but just as often, they’re staff, volunteers, partners, donors, vendors, at all levels—whoever is most important to them, is important to this process.

These are individuals with credibility within their constituencies, who are able to voice (and solicit) the opinion of their colleagues and peers.

It’s about harmony.

Soul Sessions workshops build and rally teams, creating buy-in and growing consensus.

­The Soul Sessions workshop is all about teamwork. Internal buy-in is intrinsic to the process, so when an evolution in branding happens, it happens with the team and its most passionate stakeholders, not to them.

Want to learn more about Soul Sessions, and our process?

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