Brighter Tomorrows

The Steuben County Community Foundation sought to overcome a challenge that many philanthropic organizations face: educating the community on not only what they do, but also what a community foundation is. OLG partnered with the organization to create marketing materials—including a flagship brochure and event display setup—that simply and succinctly explain their function, while also inspiring community pride and inviting them to celebrate Steuben County by getting involved with the Foundation. These materials established a baseline for the Foundation to talk about who they are, paired with a vibrant and [...] Read More

Our Most-Recent Book Picks

OLG is pleased to present this (non-exhaustive) list of books that have recently inspired or challenged us across various topics and disciplines. Want to share your recommendations with us, too? Email us at [email protected]! Dare to Lead By Brené Brown Recommended by Michelle I've read blogs and taken in bits and pieces of Dare to Lead in the past but decided to jump in and listen to the audiobook this spring. I loved that Brené uses so many examples from her life but also others she's met with her consulting work [...] Read More

Tips for Data-Driven Storytelling

From annual reports, to community studies, to action plans, presenting data that supports your mission, positioning or business case—your why—can be a powerful tool for appealing to your constituents. There’s an adage, “The numbers speak for themselves,” that can be true in some instances. But, for most audiences, too many tables or charts can be time-consuming to distill useful, actionable information from. It may prevent your report from having a sticky or memorable quality, ultimately failing to inspire whatever action you hope your audience to take. As the stewards of [...] Read More

Nonprofit & Philanthropic: Uniquely Impactful

The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors are unique: in fiscal structure, legal requirements, governing bylaws, volunteer and staffing needs, and beyond. And they’re also uniquely impactful: serving as a resource for community betterment, as well as a place for philanthropic-minded individuals to connect with causes they care about. As you strive to fulfill your mission in these sectors, we know you do so with great care and foresight. You manage a combination of governmental, community or individual funds that you’ve been trusted to steward responsibly, usually with a lean team that’s [...] Read More