Capturing ‘Comeback’ Stories

As an online university for working adults, Purdue Global’s students are rarely ever gathered in one place. Ahead of its fall 2023 commencement celebration, though, Purdue Global knew thousands of online students would be on campus at the same time—making this the perfect opportunity to capture their “comeback” stories. One Lucky Guitar partnered with the Purdue Global team to interview graduates and create a series of testimonial videos. Our work included interview set design, production management, pre-scheduled and on-the-street-style interviews, resulting in heartfelt and impactful videos, as well as supporting [...] Read More

Three Cheers!

Our friends at Be Better Hospitality (the same group that brought us Penny Drip) have introduced three new concept restaurants/bars on The Landing: Dana's, Night Train and Blue Bottle. One Lucky Guitar partnered with the BBH team to develop the visual identity systems for their new concepts, reflecting its creative outlet for good cocktails in historic—yet updated—atmospheres. Dana's Neighborhood tavern serving cocktails, wines, beers and fresh takes on classic French food. Night Train Friendly late-night basement cocktail bar with tried-and-true bar food favorites. Blue Bottle Shop Boutique liquor shop with a curated [...] Read More

The Foundation to Dream

MLK Montessori School Brand Development With their recent expansion into grades 1–3, MLK Montessori School partnered with One Lucky Guitar to increase the school's community awareness and donor support through foundational brand development. A key component of this was building upon the school's brand ideology by developing a brand platform and manifesto—a rallying cry for stakeholders, and a guide for marketing communications. BRAND PLATFORM & MANIFESTO   The Foundation to Dream   At MLK Montessori School, we guide each child to understand their potential, build confidence in their talents and [...] Read More

Consumer Products: Personality Wins

To stand out in the attention economy, consumer brands and campaigns must have a magnetic attractability. But what’s powerful enough to create yearning, and lay the groundwork for brand loyalty? Providing a product that authentically enhances your customers’ lives is the first step—but then, how do you communicate it? How do you position your benefits against your competitors? How do you let people with specific tastes and specific interests—who are navigating a sea of noise and cacophony—know you’re the specific brand for them? As human beings, we’re not necessarily drawn [...] Read More