Jake’s Favorite Illustrations

In the over 15 years that I’ve called One Lucky Guitar home, I’ve illustrated some fun and important content for our clients and friends—and myself. This post covers just a portion of the visuals hidden in folders around here. Enjoy! (And if you haven't yet, check out a similar post, from my coworker, Jon.) Read More

On Curiosity: OLG Book Recommendations

At One Lucky Guitar, we approach each project prepared to explore, and ready to dream. Our curiosity fuels us as we seek inspiration, and comes to life in the creativity we bring to each facet of our work. That makes us avid consumers of the world around us, at all times. It’s not enough to be responsive based on a client or project need—we actively and intentionally seek opportunities for growth as individuals. These present themselves in a variety of mediums. Some, more abstract, and some, more traditional—such as songs, [...] Read More

JB’s Favorite Illustrations

Over the last ten years, I've been fortunate to work with clients that have seen the value in custom illustrations to help bring their brand story to life. Here are some of my favorites — in no particular order. Northwest Allen County Schools SEE MORE Riverfront Fort Wayne SEE MORE Hope's Harbor SEE MORE Penny Drip SEE MORE Cadinha & Co. SEE MORE Landing Beer Co. Ambassador Enterprises Matilda Jane The Good Ones SEE MORE Fuse NEI Arts Campus Fort Wayne Barton Coe Villamaa SEE MORE Apex Golf Lab One [...] Read More

Our Favorite Albums of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we reflect on our favorite albums of the year. Big Thief, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You On my Substack, I have an essay in draft mode that is entitled Is Big Thief the Best Band in North America or Is It Destroyer? (Actually It’s Lambchop.) The essay isn’t finished yet, but its title tidily sums up my three favorite albums of the year. This Big Thief double-record is an endlessly big, brilliant, open-hearted, shambolic mess of genius and vulnerability. I love [...] Read More