Our Most-Recent Book Picks

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June 19, 2024

OLG is pleased to present this (non-exhaustive) list of books that have recently inspired or challenged us across various topics and disciplines. Want to share your recommendations with us, too? Email us at [email protected]!

Dare to Lead

By Brené Brown

Recommended by Michelle

I’ve read blogs and taken in bits and pieces of Dare to Lead in the past but decided to jump in and listen to the audiobook this spring. I loved that Brené uses so many examples from her life but also others she’s met with her consulting work to make her leadership principles extremely relatable. She also has a very engaging delivery in the audiobook.


Store Front NYC:

Photographs of the City’s Independent Shops, Past and Present

By James Murray and Karla Murray

Recommended by Jake

A recent book I’ve been inspired by is Store Front NYC: Photographs of the City’s Independent Shops, Past and Present. It’s a photography book based on decades-worth of capturing street-level shops all over the city. It’s fun to see different typography styles and how each space has its own character. (It’s kinda sad a lot of these spaces are disappearing.)


Bird by Bird:

Some Instructions on Writing and Life 

By Anne Lamott

Recommended by Jasmine

Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird features advice for writing that would translate to any discipline that requires a little creativity and heart. It’s endearing. It’s honest. It’s a little heart-wrenching at times, but you’ll also chuckle along the way.


The Book of Five Rings

By Miyamoto Musashi

Recommended by Olivia

Strategy wisdom from a seventeenth-century samurai. This text comes from Musashi’s five scrolls describing the “true principles” required for victory in martial arts and is based on his own experiences and observations. My dad gave me this book when I was being trained in martial arts but after a more recent revisit, the connections to life and leadership are even stronger.


Radical Candor

By Kim Scott

Recommended by Michelle

Many of us struggle with being direct and sometimes doing “hard” things when we are in leadership roles. Kim Scott’s perspective on using empathy or as she says it “Caring Personally while Challenging Directly” is powerful to me. It is all about making sure the people in your life, whether professionally or personally, know the intent behind your words.


Your Head is a Houseboat

By Cam Walker aka Struthless

Recommended by Angie

I stumbled upon the Struthless YouTube channel a few years back, and it has been a personal favorite ever since. Cam covers topics ranging from art and drawing tips, journaling techniques and combating procrastination to general mental health and life advice. This summer, I started using his ‘My Analog Computer video techniques to reach my writing, running and home gardening goals. Your Head is a Houseboat is an approachable guide to your mind and making it a pleasant place to live. When we understand and care for our minds, we are able to create our best work.


The Wolfpack

By Abby Wambach

Recommended by Olivia

I loved this quick-yet-wisdom-filled read! A highlight-worthy takeaway on every page from a woman who brings excellence and honor to everything she does. Abby Wambach’s message to women is: We have never been Little Red Riding Hood. We Are the Wolves.


Designing Brand Identity

By Alina Wheeler and Rob Meyerson

Recommended by Matt

The just-released sixth edition of Designing Brand Identity is the best yet. For me, since its first edition 20 years ago, this book has been the single best resource about the theory and practice of visually, verbally and soulfully communicating brand. Original author Alina Wheeler was joined by naming guru Rob Meyerson for this latest go-round, which includes all-new case studies and contemporary content. RIP Alina, and thank you for the years of inspiration.


Looking for more recommendations? Check these out.

P.S.—One Lucky Guitar has an extensive, ever-growing library. If you’d like to borrow a book, just hit us up.

P.S.S.—We’re big proponents of our local library system. You can borrow any of these books from the Allen County Public Library.

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