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November 14, 2022

Brand Soul is not created; it’s discovered. And we set out on an expedition into the heart of the matter in our Soul Sessions.

Soul Sessions Brand Workshops are One Lucky Guitar’s signature service. In a Soul Session, branding doesn’t happen to an organization. It happens with it. We convene stakeholders from all across an organization (our Brand Champions) to gain a deeper understanding of who the organization is, and what it stands for—in the good times, and the bad.

We believe that internal clarity creates external understanding. So, together, we create a safe space to get vulnerable and dig deep. To benefit from healthy debate. To celebrate shared victories. A space to collaborate, and not compromise.

It’s not easy, but what great work is?

With everyone united and inspired, we set out to craft the brand ideology and identity that reflects what we’ve unearthed in the workshop. This work often includes (but is customized to each organization’s needs):

  • Name Consultation

  • Brand Platform and Manifesto Development

  • Brand Ideology and Positioning

  • Visual Identity Development

  • Asset Development

  • Unveiling and Rollout Strategy

Picture it. Your team is aligned, and working with passion, purpose and clarity. Those you serve are your biggest fans and advocates, and praise your story to their networks, friends and families.

That’s the magic of Soul Sessions.

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