OLG’s Favorite Halloween Costumes

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October 5, 2022

Looking for ideas for your 2022 halloween costume? Check out our team’s favorites!


Cheshire Cat

I like an easy-to-pull-together costume, which usually consists of things already in my closet and some makeup. The cheshire cat is one of my favorites!



Christmas Tree

My favorite is when I decided to skip over Halloween and go straight to Christmas! 🎄 > 🎃

— Zoe


French Fry

This french fry costume was super fun to make and pay respect to a perfect food.

— Olivia


The Fried Egg

My son Arlo asked me to make him a fried egg costume because, in his words, “its so random, it’s funny.”

— Olivia

Handmade Costumes

For me, it is not about one favorite and more about the theme. It delights me that even after twelve years my kids are still into me making their costumes. This year my daughter is dying to go as the Statue of Liberty—hold tight for what 2022 brings!

— Michelle


Icy the Eagle and Mad Ant

Hard to choose, but I was proud of my self-made Icy the Eagle costume, here pictured with a Mad Ant (my wife). Note, it was very hard to see outta that thing.

— Jake


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, unite!

Big Spongebob fans growing up, so this one was a favorite of mine. Easy to put together and you get to yell “EVIL!” all night.

— Erin

Pet Costumes

I don’t have great photo evidence of me in costume, but that’s okay because my dog pulls off halloween better than I do.

— Chelsea

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