Continuing Timeless Fun!

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September 26, 2022

Back in 2019, One Lucky Guitar crafted the brand platform Timeless Fun! for the Allen County Fair. It’s served the fair well, and as any brand platform should, it still captures the true essence of the fair experience in 2022. But with improvements to the Allen County Fairgrounds and event changes, it was time to refresh the creative execution for the Allen County Fair advertising campaign.

One Lucky Guitar partnered with the board of the Allen County Fairgrounds (which includes OLG account manager, Michelle Love) to concept TV, radio, digital and social advertising. The new approach still needed to speak to Timeless Fun! and showcase the many unique family experiences at the Allen County Fair, while providing a new creative hook to draw in fairgoers.

The chosen concept included custom vignettes that represented common experiences during the fair and framed video footage from previous years. This concept was translated across all campaign deliverables.

This year, the Allen County Fair announced that in 2023 the fair will be in June—a move from its historic time in July. With all these changes, we know one thing will be steadfast and that is the brand promise of Timeless Fun!

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