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November 2, 2022

One Lucky Guitar’s relationship with Visiting Nurse started back in 2011, when Visiting Nurse was one of the first organizations to go through a complete Soul Sessions Brand Workshop with OLG.

Fast forward to 2021, a decade later, One Lucky Guitar was once again fortunate enough to be selected by a new leadership team and board to guide the organization through a rename and rebrand. This initiative was to help the staff better communicate their vision and services to an expanded network across Northeast Indiana.

Through the Soul Sessions process, Stillwater Hospice emerged, and a new brand was crafted that aligned with the organization’s vision to provide compassion, comfort and guidance through life’s journey.

The name nods to the natural environment that surrounds the Hospice Home and Community Grief Center, with its rolling meadow, wildflowers and tranquil waters—and the new logo reflects tranquility and support.

Our full work with Stillwater Hospice includes visual identity, brand platform, announcement and rollout strategy, website, advertising campaign, print collateral and more.

Brand Platform and Manifesto

Lead with Love

Since 1888, Stillwater Hospice (formerly Visiting Nurse) has served families with a full suite of compassion services—from hospice and palliative care, to chronic disease management and grief support. And while our services have evolved and grown in our 130-plus years, our driving purpose never has: to deliver the most compassionate care to those we serve. From our family to yours, in everything we do, we Lead with Love.

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