Fare Thee Well, B-Side

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January 31, 2024

In 2024, we bid farewell to The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar. 

For around 15 years, part of One Lucky Guitar’s workspace at 1301 Lafayette included a large room that embodied the very definition of “multi-purpose.” 

While this space’s main use was for large meetings, presentations and workshops, along with occasional photo- and video-shoots, its adaptive nature (and impossible-to-replicate vibe)—combined with some spirited programming—made it one of the most unique performance spaces in the region. 

Over a ten-year window during our tenancy, we were able to host 100+ concerts, readings, performances and listening sessions. For those events, our venue-within-an-office took on another name: The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar. 

The name was a nod to our musical roots, and the history of 45 RPM vinyl records—where the radio single (“the main thing”) was on the A-Side, and a non-album bonus track (“the other thing”) was happening on the B-Side. 

As a venue, The B-Side’s currency was intimacy—our capacity was just a few dozen patrons. And, we weren’t a bar; the art never had to compete with the noise of drinks being ordered or made, or the distracting visuals of an early-in-the-season NBA game on a corner TV, or the sounds of anyone talking over the performance. 

(We also weren’t profit-driven. The ticketing fees for every event we ever hosted went entirely to the performer, and OLG subsidized any difference between sales and guarantee.)

In our imperial phase, we hosted 12, 15 shows a year. 

Things ground to a halt in the spring of 2020. Turns out, when a cozy, quiet space is your legal tender, a global pandemic that advises against spending time in close-quarters (ie, a cozy, quiet space) with anyone beyond your innermost circle means you take a break from hosting concerts and inviting the public. 

And while we’ve presented a handful of shows these last couple years, we just never returned to full stride. Frankly, Fort Wayne’s entertainment and venue options have changed, as have our lives. 

So, too, has our business. 

I often reflect on an interview with LeBron James, when he left the Miami Heat after the 2014 season to return to Cleveland. When asked about his biggest takeaway from his championship-winning time with Pat Riley (the Heat’s team president), LeBron said, “Pat taught me that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” (It works; LeBron has gone on to win two more championships—so far.)

And indeed, The B-Side’s main thing—to host meetings, presentations and workshops, along with the occasional photo- and video-shoot—has evolved, and is less necessary to our business today.

In the time since we first rented that space, we also expanded our footprint on the east end of our office, and have recently renovated the part of our workspace where the main thing happens. 

And so, today, we let The B-Side go. 

While it’s tempting to view this decision as a sad one, we make it without regret or remorse. Those 100+ events we hosted moved the artists who performed, moved each of us in the room to experience it all, and, we believe, moved this community forward. 

No regrets. 

No remorse.

All gratitude—

I’m thankful to each OLG’er and collaborator who so spiritedly supported this endeavor. 

I’m thankful to the artists who shared their work in such a beautiful and intimate way. 

And I’m thankful to the community of art- and music-lovers who took a chance and joined us for an evening like no other, in The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar. 

– Matt Kelley

The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar

OLG-produced Events

  • Advance Base
  • American Wrestlers
  • Michaela Anne
  • Lou Barlow
  • Eef Barzelay, 2x-plus performer
  • Rayland Baxter, 2x-plus performer
  • David Bazan, 2x performer
  • Dan Bern
  • Best Album Ever, Tonight listening series, 2x-plus
  • Big Star Big
  • The Bottle Rockets
  • Brace Cooper Jutz
  • Cory Branan, 2x performer
  • Richard Buckner
  • Caitlin Canty
  • Peter Case
  • Caleb Caudle
  • Rorey Carroll
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • Lloyd Cole, 2x performer
  • Come Feel Me Tremble screening
  • Anthony D’Amato
  • Ami Dang
  • David Wax Museum, 2x performer
  • Dog Party
  • Mike Doughty
  • Tim Easton, 2x-plus performer
  • Mark Eitzel, 2x performer
  • Elle & The Remnant
  • The Final Hurrahs
  • Flamingo Nosebleed
  • Florist
  • Steve Forbert, 2x performer
  • Fort Wayne Philharmonic Brass Quintet 
  • Radney Foster 
  • Kepi Ghoulie 
  • Colleen Green 
  • Kevin Hambrick, 2x performer
  • Darren Hanlon 
  • Annie Hart
  • The Heligoats  
  • Johnny Hickman
  • Humbird 
  • Mark Hutchins, 2x-plus performer
  • Damien Jurado 
  • Matt Kelley
  • Stephen Kellogg  
  • Justin Kinkel-Schuster  
  • The Legendary Trainhoppers, 2x-plus performers
  • Liz Longley 
  • Mandolin Orange (Watchhouse), 2x performers
  • Marah  
  • Matt Pond PA  
  • Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, 2x performers
  • The Natvral 
  • Lindi Ortega 
  • Chuck Prophet, 2x performer
  • Cassie Ramone
  • Ike Reilly, 2x-plus performer
  • Kim Richey  
  • Tim Rogers  
  • Rosalind & The Way, 2x-plus performers
  • Frank Schweikhardt
  • The St. John Family Band, 2x performers
  • Tommy Stinson 
  • Kenny Taylor

Sound, very often, by Blueberry Sound.
Posters, always, by OLG. 


The B-Side (Asterisk) Events


These events were produced by passionate folks with a gutsy idea, who just needed the perfect venue. And we happened to have one.

  • [260] Reading (pye,brown) 
  • A Night of Poetry (Erica Anderson-Senter)
  • Peter Bradley Adams (Mark Meyer)
  • Jared Andrews
  • Beef Eaglemania 
  • The Ballad of Eef Barzelay (Red Tide Productions)
  • The Bomb Shelter (pye,brown), 2x performers
  • Belle & The Strange
  • City Mist
  • dAnce.Kontemporary, 2x performers
  • Chris Darby
  • An Evening Reading (USF/Weston Cutter) 
  • D Ferren & The Sad Bastards 
  • George Gardner (Soirée) 
  • Heaven’s Gateway Drugs
  • Ari Hest  (Mark Meyer), 2x performer 
  • The Hope Arthur Orchestra
  • Light and Lament: A Book Release (The Dandelion Review)  
  • Lindsay Hunter (USF/Weston Cutter)  
  • My Apollo
  • Night Moves (Team NeighborLink), 2x-plus performers
  • OFabz Loves Fort Wayne
  • Penny & Sparrow (Josh VonGunten)
  • Lou Poster (Let’s Comedy)  
  • Mishka Shubaly (Let’s Comedy)  
  • Slow Dakota (Brad Bores Films)
  • Sunny Taylor (Mark Meyer), 2x performer
  • Jess Thrower (Middle Waves, Make Music Day), 2x performer
  • The Trap Door, 2x-plus performers
  • Nate Utesch (CreativeMornings Fort Wayne)
  • Vertical Leap (Start Fort Wayne)  
  • Write Fight: Back for Blood (Erica Anderson-Senter)
  • Yes, Indeed: A Tribute to Mary Oliver (The Dandelion Review)

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