On Top of Midwest Weather

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July 28, 2023

With changing seasons comes the possibility of severe weather. At Indiana Michigan Power, predicting, preparing for and preventing potential outages is an ongoing job. Knowing customers count on them for reliable service, I&M wanted to make a concentrated effort to communicate with the public about safety during storms in every season, and in real-time.

As part of I&M social, radio, email and digital communications, OLG helped craft assets and language that they can use when adverse weather forecasts pop up. Our media plan is triggered by storm forecasts, so timely information can be distributed by affected zip codes.

We also worked with I&M to create a video showcasing the constant preparedness that I&M employees and line workers undertake to be ready at a moment’s notice. Both winter and summer versions are available to remind folks of their everyday commitment.

Get weather-ready and visit I&M’s Storm Safety page.

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