Focusing on the Littlest Community Members

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February 27, 2023

Following its rebrand, Healthier Moms and Babies released the Allen County Infant Mortality Report. This overview brochure reveals key insights on what stands in the way of healthy moms, pregnancies and babies.

Allen County’s infant mortality rate is 6.9—higher than the national average of 5.4. That means, for every 1,000 births an average of 6 infants die. As an organization that supports families in our community, Healthier Moms and Babies knew the first step in addressing that number was getting a deeper understanding of the mental, physical, social and financial needs barriers our families face. This report aims to inform community members and garner support for their mission: to reduce infant mortality.

One Lucky Guitar partnered with Healthier Moms and Babies to summarize and design the 100+ page report into a 16-page overview.

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