Vignettes: An Introduction to Our Team

Every engagement at OLG benefits from the experience and expertise of our entire team—each of our team of 10 is a collaborative, fair and driven problem-solver. We’re purposefully boutique-sized, with decades of advertising and marketing experience. But our industry experience isn’t the only thing that differentiates us. Each of our unique perspectives shapes what we’re able to accomplish for our clients, and our community. Get to know our team members a little better, in our new series, Vignettes! Angie Hoffman Angie’s from a family of creatives. She grew up exploring [...] Read More

What’s a Brand Champion?

OLG’s approach to brand development consulting is centered around Soul Sessions, our signature service. A crucial element of this process are the individuals we engage to participate in it—a chorus of voices, creating an anthem of authenticity. We call them Brand Champions. Most often, we’ll work with our clients to identify 8–12 Brand Champions. They should represent different constituencies within the organization; often, they’re management and board level, but just as often, they’re staff, volunteers, partners, donors, vendors, at all levels—whoever is most important to them, is important to this [...] Read More

Welcome to Soul Sessions

Brand Soul is not created; it’s discovered. And we set out on an expedition into the heart of the matter in our Soul Sessions. Soul Sessions Brand Workshops are One Lucky Guitar’s signature service. In a Soul Session, branding doesn’t happen to an organization. It happens with it. We convene stakeholders from all across an organization (our Brand Champions) to gain a deeper understanding of who the organization is, and what it stands for—in the good times, and the bad. We believe that internal clarity creates external understanding. So, together, [...] Read More

Place Branding: Authenticity at All Times

In place branding, our goal isn’t to construct or formulate a new narrative for a space. It’s to unearth the narrative that reflects what is authentic to those who live, work, visit, play and study there. That’s the brand promise—what a place says it offers, and what people experience once they’re there, must align. To ensure authenticity at all times for a place, consider the following tenets. Heritage and Environment A place’s brand should consider its heritage—its cultural history, its natural environment, the key characteristics that give it a sense [...] Read More