Awakening & Transforming

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December 15, 2023

In 2022, Foellinger Foundation launched the Sonder Fellowship, a leadership training program for BIPOC leaders, by BIPOC leaders, that are living, working or serving in Southeast Fort Wayne. The program combines individual leadership development with asset-based community development (ABCD) to support opportunities that position the southeast quadrant of Fort Wayne to thrive.

One Lucky Guitar partnered with the Foundation to capture a series of videos to tell the stories of the leaders who were transformed by the fellowship experience.

Overview: Awakening & Transforming

In this overview video, Sonder graduates share how the program helped them discover and understand themselves as individual leaders, and how they’ll utilize that knowledge to impact their communities.

Individual Leadership Development: Awakening as Leaders

In this video, Sonder graduates share how the program helped them grow as individual leaders.

Asset-Based Community Development: Transforming as a Community

In this video, Sonder graduates share how the program armed them with the tools to transform their community.

Thank you, Foellinger Foundation and Sonder Fellows, for trusting us to share your stories—and for your irreplaceable work in our community.

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