The Foundation to Dream

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April 3, 2024

MLK Montessori School Brand Development

With their recent expansion into grades 1–3, MLK Montessori School partnered with One Lucky Guitar to increase the school’s community awareness and donor support through foundational brand development.

A key component of this was building upon the school’s brand ideology by developing a brand platform and manifesto—a rallying cry for stakeholders, and a guide for marketing communications.



The Foundation to Dream


At MLK Montessori School, we guide each child to understand their potential, build confidence in their talents and skills, and—most importantly—become lifelong learners. Because they must believe in themselves, to achieve their dreams.

Hands-on, individualized educational experiences encourage each child to curiously explore, critically think and eagerly learn today, tomorrow and every day that follows. Our framework centers around not only cognitive learning, but also physical, social and emotional discovery and growth.

Our students become adults who exude independence, responsibility, self-discipline and respect—setting the foundation for any future they can dream of.

The Foundation to Dream.

In addition, OLG developed a brand platform lockup and communication materials designed to resonate with staff, donors, board members and parents when promoting the school and its mission.

Thank you, MLK Montessori, for your trust and partnership, and all you do to help our community’s students achieve their dreams!

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