Working Toward Equality

One Lucky Guitar had the incredible opportunity to partner with the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne to create the first Allen County Women in the Workplace Report, which paints a picture of what it’s like to be a woman in our local workforce. The Women’s Fund surveyed local employers to understand the landscape of women in leadership, compensation of women, benefits and policies available to women in the workforce and equitable hiring practices. We worked closely with the Women’s Fund to present the findings compellingly and effectively. The 16-page report utilizes insightful [...] Read More

Where The Water and Eats Meet

Nice weather is here again—yay! That means dusting off your kayaking skills, and enjoying outdoor dining with friends and family. One place that embraces both of those things is Steady Eddy’s Station in Leo, Indiana. Last year, our friends at Fort Wayne Outfitters saw the need for another established paddle-renting location along the St. Joseph River—one that would also serve as dedicated restaurant with a fresh menu and local brews. A contrast from Outfitters' downtown Fort Wayne location, Steady Eddy's offers a nature-centric kayaking experience in Leo, IN, and makes [...] Read More

Jake’s Favorite Illustrations

In the over 15 years that I’ve called One Lucky Guitar home, I’ve illustrated some fun and important content for our clients and friends—and myself. This post covers just a portion of the visuals hidden in folders around here. Enjoy! (And if you haven't yet, check out a similar post, from my coworker, Jon.) Read More

Bringing a Collaborative Vision to Life

OLG has had the privilege of providing marketing and communications consulting services to Foellinger Foundation for many years, including a recent brand evolution, and a documentary on its founder, Helene Foellinger.  At the beginning of 2022, OLG was asked to help further bring its brand and history to life as part of a major office renovation. Originally built in 1992, Helene envisioned it as a convening space where Allen County nonprofit leaders collaborated and ideated ways to address our community’s most crucial issues, and so the new space features more open [...] Read More