Make Space

Accessibility supports so many members of our community: children with disabilities, wounded veterans, senior citizens, those with short-term injuries, and those with chronic conditions. We may all become disabled at some point in our lives: making space for others means making space that you may need yourself one day. Make Space is a local initiative to provide education and advocacy for accessibility, and the first issue they’re tackling is accessible parking. One Lucky Guitar partnered with local advocates Cassie Beer and Kelly Shields to develop the name, tagline, visual identity [...] Read More

Vignettes: An Introduction to Our Team

Every engagement at OLG benefits from the experience and expertise of our entire team—each of our team of 10 is a collaborative, fair and driven problem-solver. We’re purposefully boutique-sized, with decades of advertising and marketing experience. But our industry experience isn’t the only thing that differentiates us. Each of our unique perspectives shapes what we’re able to accomplish for our clients, and our community. Get to know our team members a little better, in our new series, Vignettes! Angie Hoffman Angie’s from a family of creatives. She grew up exploring [...] Read More

Fare Thee Well, B-Side

In 2024, we bid farewell to The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar.  For around 15 years, part of One Lucky Guitar’s workspace at 1301 Lafayette included a large room that embodied the very definition of “multi-purpose.”  While this space’s main use was for large meetings, presentations and workshops, along with occasional photo- and video-shoots, its adaptive nature (and impossible-to-replicate vibe)—combined with some spirited programming—made it one of the most unique performance spaces in the region.  Over a ten-year window during our tenancy, we were able to host 100+ concerts, readings, [...] Read More

What’s Your Expertise?

What sets your organization apart from your competitors isn’t just what you do. It’s how you do it. It’s quintessential to the brand promise, the experience we promise to every person, every time. Successful brands understand who they are and what they stand for as an organization, company, product, place. And those that are positioned for growth can communicate why they’re the specific brand for their employees, donors, volunteers, clients, customers, partners, vendors—each person. Discovering the process that makes you, you is comprehensive work. It requires a thorough analysis of [...] Read More