Fare Thee Well, B-Side

In 2024, we bid farewell to The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar.  For around 15 years, part of One Lucky Guitar’s workspace at 1301 Lafayette included a large room that embodied the very definition of “multi-purpose.”  While this space’s main use was for large meetings, presentations and workshops, along with occasional photo- and video-shoots, its adaptive nature (and impossible-to-replicate vibe)—combined with some spirited programming—made it one of the most unique performance spaces in the region.  Over a ten-year window during our tenancy, we were able to host 100+ concerts, readings, [...] Read More

The Hoot Owl Moans

Rayland and I basically grew up together. I mean, we have the same dad. His genetically, mine symbolically. I bought the lucky guitar from pop—Bucky Baxter. This would be back in 1999, twenty damn years ago. From 1992–1999, Bucky had played 700+ shows with Bob Dylan, and me and my friends saw three-dozen or so of ‘em. Bucky left the band to open a studio (Three Trees) in a holler in the hills north of Nashville, Whites Creek TN. To help raise a few bucks for the project, he sold [...] Read More