Foellinger Foundation

Investing in Excellence

Leading with Intent

For more than 60 years, Foellinger Foundation has supported nonprofits in our community. These organizations are rigorously committed to their missions of creating opportunity and self-reliance for each resident in Allen County. OLG has worked closely with the Foundation’s leadership and board of directors to share the organization’s story and commitment to donor intent—investing in people, operations and organizational effectiveness, for the greater good of all.

"I consider OLG to be an extension of the Foundation's staff. Literally, a partner with us, in raising our communication standards and our ability to let people know what we are about. This is more difficult with an organization like ours, because we're not selling something. Philanthropy is fairly closed and pretty quiet. It takes a lot of work to try to open that up, and OLG has done a gorgeous job of that. It's very much like a flowering, a flower in springtime opening up. And OLG has really helped us open up the Foellinger Foundation."
– Cheryl Taylor, former president, Foellinger Foundation
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