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Friends Forever: Behind the Curtain

FitGuide_Dial copy OFAB_BP_BFF copyEvery Summer Matilda Jane Clothing invites their direct sales associates (Trunk Keepers) to travel to Fort Wayne for an event filled with best friends, larger than life sets and decor, lots of learning and the most creative and adorable clothing you can imagine. This dreamland of an event is Dress Rehearsal. Dress Rehearsal is host to women from all over the country. It spans several days, includes an awards event, tons of training sessions and classes and is the first reveal of the next season’s clothing.

OLG has had the privilege of orchestrating the reveal of these amazing collections of clothing the past two years via a high-energy fashion show. Bright lights, fun music, a catwalk runway and tiny humans in adorable dresses… it was the most perfect assignment for Bridget and I, and we had an amazing time.

This year’s theme was Friends Forever, and we embraced it in every way. We began the show with two girls doing a best friend handshake. We had moments of on-stage high fives and hugs and featured music highlighting friends throughout generations.

In addition to producing a fashion show, OLGer (and one of my best gal pals) Emma designed an adorable print piece. This piece was used by Trunk Keepers as a fit guide to reference throughout the show and beyond. It’s a cute little booklet that shows each model’s name, measurements and what size and outfit they wore in the show.

OLG was also tasked with putting together a video to open the runway show, giving Trunk Keepers a glimpse behind the scenes at the designers’ process and what Friends Forever means to them.

Throughout the process of coordinating models, lighting, decor, choreography, music, videos, handouts, overall flow of the show and much much more, we made soooo many pals. The gals at MJC were a delight. The amazing people at The Grand Wayne were rockstars. The models from Fort Wayne Ballet were true professionals and absolute dolls, and Cheryl from A Party Apart is always just the coolest person ever.

This year’s Dress Rehearsal theme also made it even more clear that all of us here at OLG are not really just coworkers. We’re friends who get to do really cool things together and just happen to make a living in the process. OLGers don’t stop hanging out at five o’clock on Fridays. OLGers go to shows together in evenings and have backyard cookouts and take road trips… and sometimes they sing karaoke together on weekends, too.

So thanks to all my friends for another fun and successful project! I can’t wait to tell you all about the next one we’re working on.

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