Reframing a Filmmaker's Identity

Knull_500_1Knull_500_2Knull_500_3Knull_500_4At the heart of any great story is a storyteller. That’s where you’ll find Brad Knull.

Brad is a filmmaker who embraces grit to bring out the magic in moments we want to watch, re-watch and then go tell someone about. So when Brad approached us for an updated brand identity for his company, we were excited to do the work.

We wanted to help him stand out as a professional director/DP, shooting commercials for the likes of Red Bull and Adidas. But we also wanted to convey his personality as an outdoor enthusiast, a scrappy one-man-band and a rogue globetrotter.

So we designed a logo with a custom typeface inspired by the typography on trail signage in national parks to capture his adventurist spirit, and we wrote an elevator speech to put his work into words.

Brad is all about getting to the heart of the action where stories make us feel something and inspire us to move.

Brad tells stories that make you laugh. And cry. And believe in people and ideas and beating the odds.

Good stories entertain you. But the great ones change you.

It turns out the best storytellers do, too.

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