The Good Ones Clothing One Lucky GuitarThe Good Ones Clothing One Lucky GuitarThe Good Ones Clothing One Lucky GuitarI’m not saying we have, I’m just saying we might have gone a lil .gif crazy during our latest round of promo work for The Good Ones Clothing. Gif? Jif? Hard G? Soft J? Who knows. (Well, this guy—the inventor or whatever—acts like he knows, but I can’t accept that it’s supposed to be pronounced like the peanut butter, just yet… not today, Steve!)

Anyway! If you want to catch someone’s eye, there’s nothing better than a bright, orange table top, a yellow shirt and a bunch of sushi, right? Right! Or maybe some little dudes hangin’ out in front of a chalkboard, making faces and living life? Nothing better, in my opinion! That’s why we introduced the practice of the .gif for a variety of promo materials for the latest and greatest release of TGO gear. We made everything—copy, deals, sliders, emails, Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters—the whole team!

Check ’em out, and pay close attention for a sneak at a little promotion we have coming up for TGO at the end of the month….

– Emma