My Heart Lives in Lucky Town

Luck O’ the West has been a whirlwind of ups, downs, sad times and happy ones. I think it brought out our true grit and spirit to persevere and to see things through. It made us realize that we are a family and can truly count on one another for a helping hand or a high five at any moment.

Throughout the process of bringing Luck O’ the West to life, we have experienced so much and have done our very best to do things to the level of Denise’s wonderful, beautiful standards.

I am happy to be able to show you part of the original collection (as Matt said, much more was designed but ultimately not produced). We chose our absolute favorite pieces, the items that we felt would be your little one’s new favorites too. Since the collection is so tight, I really love all the pieces but am especially excited about the outfits that can be made with these new items.

Here are a few of my faves…


The Bass Player from Austin Outfit

I love the Fancy Checkered Pants with the I Will Be Tee and the Good Luck Button-up overtop – sheriff badge optional. I feel like if you were sitting in a venue and saw that outfit walk in you would say, “yeah… that dude is definitely in the band”. And a tiny version of “yeah… that dude is definitely in the band” outfit is really just the greatest thing ever.

The Urban Rock Climber Outfit
Another combo that I thought was especially cool was the Luck O’ the West Tee with the Rockin & Wranglin Button-up and the Dreamer shorts. Top it off with the Good-est Hat for added flair points. It’s little bit rock climber and a little bit hipster but cool either way.

The Dressy-is-not-Boring Outfit
The dressy outfit that I’m really loving is the Fancy Checkered Pants, the Good Luck Button-up and the Haberdash II Necktie. I feel this look would be really cool for Kindergarten graduation or a nice brunch outing with the grandparents. Say it with me- dressy does not have to be boring.

A cowgirl outfit should be cute but authentic.
No need for sequins or tulle. Just little cowgirl boots and lots of confidence. I felt the Hot Wasabi Tee under the Rockin & Wranglin Button-up, paired with a little denim skirt and boots was a super great option for any cowgirl in training.


I feel so proud to have helped bring this collection to life. It’s tough to even put into words the love and admiration I have for the people I work with, for this brand and for everything it stands for. I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing team and to have had the opportunity to learn from the best one ever.