Luck o' the West Is Here!


lotw_4We had the time of our lives with this one. I’m looking at emails in my “LotW” folder and it’s a year ago this very week that Denise, Sam and our TGO crew were shooting around ideas for the collection—things we’d always wanted to do, things that we knew absolutely must be done.

April 1 2015, Sam’s birthday, we sent over the first logo for the collection, and she and Denise both replied with enthusiasm that is inappropriate for me to quote in an all-ages environment like this blog. We loved what we were building, just like always.

Ultimately, Luck o’ the West is a smaller collection than we originally envisioned (and indeed designed)—but it’s tight, creative and so, so, soooo good.

If you think about everything* you ever loved about The Good Ones, you’re going to find it again in this release: from the incredible designs and unexpected details from Denise and Sam—better than ever with this collection—to the amazing illustrations and conceptual ideas from Jake, Olivia, Emma and Jonathan, Luck o’ the West plays out like our “greatest hits” album.

(* Missing are our friends in The Final Hurrahs; we released their designs last summer, living life loud with our striped collection and Backstage Pass tees! But trust us, they were a huge part of this collection’s journey, too.)

When we started this company, we said it was for the kids “who light fireworks in our souls.”

Luck o’ the West sure is.

From the Rockin’ & Wranglin’ Button-Up to the Paw Pick Pantalones, your firework-lighter is going to be breaking hearts and busting eardrums. We even pay tribute to Tim Rogers, who helped name the company back in late 2011 when I went to see him in Portland OR, with the Fancy Checkered Pants. As Tim would say, this collection “ain’t white bread, it’s raisin toast and jam.”


In the second half of last year, we wondered what to do with Luck o’ the West.

We were feeling unsure. Feeling beat. We were feeling lost.

And then I asked myself, just as I had a thousand times before, “What would Denise do?”

Ask yourself that question, and you won’t feel so lost anymore.

(Try it sometime, it’ll change your life.)

So here’s Luck o’ the West.

We hope you love it the way we loved creating it, and we hope it means as much to you as it does to us—


Matt Kelley and your friends at The Good Ones Clothing