Making a Movement

Platform Arts United Fort Wayne One Lucky GuitarPlatform Arts United Fort Wayne One Lucky GuitarPlatform Arts United Fort Wayne One Lucky GuitarIt’s happening.

Northeast Indiana is on its way to becoming a national destination for the arts and culture, and people are taking note.

Earlier this year, SonicBids rated Fort Wayne the No. 2 “Incredible Smaller City to Tour in the Midwest” for its eclectic and unconventional music scene (with a special OLG shout out!).

But it’s one thing to talk about Northeast Indiana becoming an arts destination. And it’s another thing to back that up with numbers and a coordinated plan of action.

So when Arts United came to us late last year with 78 pages of research gathered from nearly 2,000 area residents about how to capitalize on our region’s creative energy, we were excited to get involved.

For years, the organization has been collected research from residents about how to make Northeast Indiana a cultural mecca—a place where gallery collectors, musicians, performers and street artists flock for creative opportunities and experiences. Now, it’s assigned a 39-member Cultural Advancement committee to oversee the effort and turn ideas into action.

The Committee will work with organizations and regional decision-makers the next five years to build a stronger, more influential creative sector and integrate the arts into more aspects of our lives. But they can’t do it on their own.

It’s going to take effort from our entire community. So Arts United asked OLG to position The Platform to become a regional movement by condensing the massive 78-page report into something more . . . user-friendly.

After sifting through pages-upon-pages of research and charts, we refined the data to a brochure that quickly explains its three main goals, or artistic imperatives: (1) making our region known as a national arts destination, (2) helping people from all walks of life participate in the arts and (3) promoting the arts in local decision-making. And then tells readers how to get involved.

It’s going to take some serious effort to elevate our creative sector to national status. But there are already exciting developments on the books, like a revolutionary music festival that’s bound to make waves this summer.

If we generate enough support to make The Platform a regional priority, calling Northeast Indiana a national destination for the arts might not be as far off as we think.

Who’s with us?