Sharp Dressed Van

At OLG, we have the privilege of working with some really unique individuals and their pursuits. Recently we got to work with a couple who are developing a business that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Chuck and Lyndsey Springer are owners and the creative hands behind Sharp Dressed Van—makers of  jewelry and art (and sometimes furniture). The kick is that all their pieces are made from vintage auto parts, usually taken from junkyards or backyard finds. They describe the purpose of SDV well: “[We] focus on producing the coolest hand-made, showroom quality pieces from virtually any part of an old vehicle we can get our hands on.”

Even though Sharp Dressed Van had a name and quality products, they lacked a logo to help rally their brand behind. This was a fun challenge as we needed something that spoke to the retro feeling of the jewelry and the old cars they use. With the name itself being slightly longer, I also wanted to create a logo where the font itself told part of the story without having to have any other design elements or icons. I think I ended up with artwork that does this while still being simple enough to pair up alongside the jewelry itself.

You can check out SDV on facebook.

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