'Design:Type' Features Lucky Ten Poster Series

(Fort Wayne, Ind.) Rockport Publishers recently released Design:Type, a publication by author Paul Burgess, creative director of Burge Advertising in the UK, featuring a collection of over 600 designs and essays circling the subject of typography. One Lucky Guitar (OLG) is noted among the book’s 270-plus pages for the boutique’s poster series for a tour by Libertyville, Illinois-based rock band The Ike Reilly Assassination.

“Back when we were celebrating One Lucky Guitar’s seventh anniversary in 2007, we staged a concert event at the Botanical Conservatory. The marketing promoting that event—‘Lucky Seven’—was featured in Print magazine’s Regional Design Annual. Well, Ike Reilly played at Lucky Seven, and for this new work for him to be recognized as well, in such a prestigious book…it’s just really special to us. We’re blessed to be able to do work we love, for artists who have moved us so.”

In addition to the Ike Reilly posters, Design:Type features the work of many diverse designers from all across the world. The design work highlighted includes print, packaging, identity and mixed media. The accompanying essays cover topics such as: less is so much more, breaking the rules and embracing imperfection.

“Whilst researching for this book, I spent a lot of time contacting different designers from all walks of life: the new kids on the block, the edgy agencies, right through to the forefathers of the industry,” author Paul Burgess says in the forward. “I’ve always been excited about opening a new book on any design subject, especially one on typography…I hope this book does its job of inspiring you.”

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