New Clothing Line Born in Fort Wayne Captures the Adventure of Boyhood

(Fort Wayne, Ind.) The Good Ones, a brand new, whimsical boys clothing company born in Fort Wayne, has launched their website and online shop. The company, a brainchild of the creative minds behind Matilda Jane Clothing (MJC) and One Lucky Guitar (OLG), offers soulful boys clothing from 12-months to 10-years old.Founder of MJC, Denise DeMarchis, and OLG founder, Matt Kelley, have collaborated and inspired each other’s business growth since 2003. With nine years of successful partnership behind them they teamed up in late 2011 to build a boys’ clothing company that would embrace the wonder and make-believe of boyhood—The Good Ones.

“We wanted to celebrate the boys who light fireworks in our souls,” says DeMarchis. “This clothing line is for their imagination, joy, giggles and eyes that twinkle. For creativity and adventure, for catching snakes and carrying frogs in pockets, carving names on a tree, for their home runs…and strikeouts.”

The Good Ones’ designs surround a band of characters: Stuart, Adrian, Franklin and Bullfrog, four neighborhood friends from Bricktown, USA who meet at the skatepark trading MP3s and form a rock band. The intention of the clothing company is that boys everywhere will see themselves in the band, or in the band’s biggest fan, Paulie and find a connection with the characters. The creativity behind the clothing line is extensive, including a back story, music videos, original songs, ringtones, wallpaper, trading cards and coloring pages, all of which customers can find on the website’s “Goodies” section.

“The Good Ones site isn’t just a place to buy a t-shirt and move on,” adds Kelley. “Adventures await everywhere you turn, just like in boyhood. The clothing is designed to celebrate the stories boys will never forget.”


About The Good Ones
The Good Ones is a whimsical clothing line for boys capturing the excitement, sparkle, adventure and make-believe of boyhood. The Good Ones is a creation by Fort Wayne, Indiana-based One Lucky Guitar, a design & marketing boutique, and Matilda Jane Clothing, a highly successful national children’s clothing company which creates unique, playful and unpredictable designs for girls. The first collection by The Good Ones, Numero One, is available through the online shop for sizes 12M to 10 with prices from $16 to $56.