MK: Under the Influence

Last September, I was approached by the sultry-voiced, super-rad @CarrieBoylan about participating in a new show she was pitching to NIPR, our local NPR station. The proposed show—Under the Influence—would feature local folks picking ten songs that have been influential in their lives, then sitting down with Carrie to spin the black circle and get all hyperbolic about the magic & mystery of rock and roll. Well, that’s what I did anyway.

Last month, the show was finally picked up. Airing at 8PM on Wednesday nights (89.1FM on the local dial, on the international one), the show is always entertaining and highly recommended listening. I was tickled as can be to be asked to participate—truly, the “pick ten songs” thing is just a fantastic way to spend a couple dozen hours—and it was especially fun to play some songs that might otherwise be considered a bit left of the dial for radio airplay. (Special thanks to @TommyCutter for the assist on the Tim Rogers / You Am I mashup.)

Broadcast regulations prevent NIPR from archiving the shows, but some super-awesome folks bootlegged the episode I was on…for your next road trip’s soundtrack, click here.

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