Mike Adams at His Honest Weight

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

A couple weeks ago, we had Mike Adams at His Honest Weight with Advance Base play at The B-Side. After having been introduced to MAAHHW’s music shortly after starting at OLG in May, designing this poster and seeing him perform live in our space was pretty amazing—as was the show.

Based on Mike Adams somewhat nostalgic sound, the poster was designed with a 70’s feel in mind, paired with reds and golds as a nod to Adams Bloomington pride. We dubbed this show 1301×10, as it occurred on the tenth anniversary of OLG moving into our home at 1301 Lafayette Street. Wow.

Make sure to check out this incredible video MAAHHW did for their newest album release that perfectly showcases the nostalgic feel I’m talking about (as well as Mike’s unparalleled dance moves).

The timing of the show was great, as we had a photography crew from Brooklyn in for a special shoot. FW put its best foot forward thanks to Mike Adams, Advance Base, and a killer crowd at The B-Side.