Follow the Signs

In OLG’s continued involvement of designing signage for the Arts United campus, we’re happy to show the latest addition—wayfinding signage for the Auer Center building. This was a focused effort that started months ago listening to the client’s concerns and doing multiple walk-throughs to make sure we hit all the important spots.

In this case, we were responsible for larger, “general” wall and pillar units as well as smaller individual room identifiers. Because the Auer Center houses different organizations (like Fort Wayne Trails, Artlink and the Fort Wayne Ballet), we wanted to make sure that a visitor could easily navigate through the building upon entry.

Keeping with previously designed signage, we remained true to the Arts United brand and also added a few new, fun elements. My favorite is the large directory map near the main entry, which shows a custom illustration of the Auer Center’s two levels. Another cool element was backing most of the signs with Arts United orange acrylic—creating a nice extra touch throughout the building and tying everything together.

Hopefully you’ll attend an upcomming event at the Arts United ArtsLab (connected to the Auer Cetner) and can see our stuff!