Mighty Proud

Mighty Acorn Brochure and CardsAt OLG, we talk a lot about being able to do work we’re proud of for people we genuinely care about. When the Mighty Acorn Foundation (MAF) came to us to create a business card and overview brochure, I knew this project perfectly fit that mold.

Denise and David DeMarchis, the founders of Matilda Jane Clothing, started the Mighty Acorn Foundation in 2013. They work endlessly to provide better situations for children all around the world, with their first big project focusing on the slums of Kipsongo in Kitale, Kenya. There, they match children living in the orphanage with families back in the United States that sponsor their cost of education, food, shelter and medical treatment.

Not only does the MAF benefit children living across the world, they are also heavily involved in the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign—shining a light on children of all abilities in advertising and marketing.

In short, the MAF is made up of great people doing amazing work for children everywhere. And I’m mighty proud to be a small part of that with the design of this project.

For the business cards, we aimed to make them as unique as the mission of the foundation. We achieved the uniqueness we wanted by embossing, or stamping, some elements on the card that left an impression on the opposite side you could actually feel. And the feel is what it’s all about.

We intertwined the design of the business cards and overview brochure by repurposing elements from the cover of the brochure for the die-cut of the card and by bringing in a rich, brown color to anchor the design and complement MAF’s gold and coral brand palette.

Supported by beautiful photography from Red Tide Productions and Jenni Vorderman Photo, the overview brochure is designed with multiple purposes—to introduce the mission of the MAF, to highlight their recent work in Kitale and with Changing the Face of Beauty, and to offer information on how to get involved.

Together, these pieces will be used to expand the reach of the Mighty Acorn brand and, hopefully, attract others to get involved—making it possible for more projects to positively affect the lives of children all over the world.

Learn more about the Mighty Acorn Foundation here: MightyAcorn.org 

Learn more about Changing the Face of Beauty here: ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty.org