Details of the Rehearsal

Matilda Jane Clothing is a company that has constant contact with its network of Trunk Keepers. One of these touchpoints involves an exclusive annual gathering where they’re inspired to spread the MJC brand by seeing the upcoming line of clothes and engaging in all kinds of conference/seminar goodness. This Dress Rehearsal takes place in Fort Wayne and is highly anticipated by all Trunk Keepers.

Although Dress Rehearsal has taken place in years past, it’s never had a wordmark that can represent the event year after year in a consistent way. We were luckily tasked with creating something under the brand umbrella that works nicely with their everyday elements. The custom, hand-derived lettering isĀ reminiscentĀ of other MJC projects and the illustration of the leaves represent their approach to nature-related patterns and the line quality of the flower in their logo. Next up is a booklet specifically designed for the event with itinerary and Trunk Keeper programming.

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