Aha Moments

Mutual of Omaha recently interviewed One Lucky Guitar during their third annual cross-country ‘Aha Moment’ tour when they stopped off in Fort Wayne. The tour celebrates individual ‘Aha Moments’ and the individuals who have the nerve to act on them in a way that can potentially change the direction of their life.

As it turns out, the residents of Fort Wayne (including two OLG’ers) had quite a few of these ‘Aha moments’ to share.

Matt Kelley talked about his defining moment of purchasing his lucky guitar, and our art director Nate Utesch shared about a night of making music and friends in Beaver Falls. The Aha Moment Crew liked what they heard, so they decided to spend a little more time with OLG to learn about our boutique’s history, conviction and passion for our work in a special “In The Moment” breakout video.


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