Engaging GWU Alum

So there’s a great university out East and fortunately we get to do work with’em. The George Washington University, in Washington D.C., is constantly turning out talented graduates that branch out across the country; keeping tabs on them is the job of the GWU Alumni Association. Recently, they asked OLG to come up with a mini postcard campaign that speaks to alum that have entered the job world but still want to keep up with all the great things the university offers or coordinates.

We started by coming up with a consistent tagline that would go on all our communications to tie the work together. “Where the Working World Meets” speaks to the fact that all the graduates can go to one part of GWU’s alumni page to connect to others, view regional activities, watch their library of seminars or become a one-on-one student advisor.

Here’s two postcards that just went out this summer. One is for the Career Advisor Network which encourages additional people to become part of the successful program. The other is promoting a “Webinar” event available to any interested alumni.