Raise a Glass

TRDC_500_1TRDC_500_2TRDC_500_3Northeast Indiana’s first craft distillery since Prohibition is officially open!

Meet our new client, Three Rivers Distilling Co., started by Travis Kraick and Stephen Blevins, two friends from the 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne.

To be clear, they don’t make beer. That’s the most common misconception.

Instead, they make a full lineup of craft spirits to stock your liquor cabinet—vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and bourbon. And they do it all with ingredients sourced within 100-miles of Fort Wayne.

So when Travis and Stephen came to us for help sharing their story, we couldn’t wait to get involved. We knew made-in-Fort Wayne spirits would be a hit, especially when they were coming from an industrial, urban distillery on the south end of downtown.

But Three Rivers Distilling Co. also presented us with a unique challenge.

Under Indiana’s liquor laws, new distilleries can’t sell directly to customers for the first three years after opening. That means, Travis and Stephen needed to get local bartenders and liquor store managers to share their product with the public on their behalf.

They asked us to help recruit distributors with a sample package of Three Rivers Distilling Co. goods that would stand apart from everything else on the shelf. They also wanted products and print collateral to share with visitors on distillery tours. So we went to work, and turned out a full line of brand materials with as much attention to detail as a fine cocktail.

Naturally, we started our research with a taste test . . . strictly for business purposes.

Three Rivers Distilling Co. is launching its product lineup with five spirits: Harvester Vodka, Summit City Gin, Three Rivers Early Bourbon, River City Rum and a special 122 un-aged corn whiskey (which is actually 122 proof in honor of the local Fighter Wing).

Along with the locally inspired names, what sets their spirits apart is a smooth finish, every time. They only take the smallest, hand-selected batches to get the best results, and in an industry crowded with right-brained “artisans” and “craftsmen,” being on the science side of distilling makes a difference.

So we launched distribution with “The Science of Smooth,” and we rolled out products in custom wood cases with two bottles of spirits, brand coasters and a bottle pourer in each.

We also made print collateral and signage to explain the distilling process for distillery tours. Even though Travis and Stephen can’t sell liquor onsite yet, they can start teaching Northeast Indiana how fine craft spirits are made, and they plan to rent their space out for meetings and events, too.

Visit their website for more information, and don’t forget to pick up a t-shirt and a whiskey glass while you’re there.

There’s a new reason to love this place we call home, and community spirit never tasted so good.