OLG Showprint: Sooner or Later

About once a year, we need to make room for new posters on the ol’ Local Show o’ the Week column here at OLG HQ. Which means we need to take all the old posters down. It takes teamwork to get the job done right, and we made a video to document the task. (It’s 2015 and everything must be documented, right?)

This is a sequel of sorts to Cleaning out the Flat Files, which is highly recommended. We designed most of these posters, along with friends like pye,brown, Shaun Malinowski and Josh VonGunten. Shot and edited April 2015. “Sooner or Later” written and performed by MARAH, used by permission. Find it on the all-time top ten record, If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry.

More OLG showprint here.

Get out there, Fort Wayne. Enjoy yourself.

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