Lucky 13: The Videos

September marks 13 at 13—OLG’s thirteenth anniversary at 1301 Lafayette Street, here on the southeast side of downtown. We call it Bricktown. And we’re happy to also call it home. All the deets on what we’re doing for Lucky 13, here.

One thing we did to celebrate was to break one of Bob Dylan’s cardinal rules (“Don’t look back!”)—and looked back. This summer, we sat down with a handful of clients and collaborators to talk about some of the campaigns we’ve been fortunate enough to work on together over the years.

It’s with deep gratitude that we thank Ron Dick, Courtney Heiser, Alec Johnson, Susan Mendenhall and Tim Pape for their insight, generosity and trust, and Denise DeMarchis and Eef Barzelay for allowing us to roll camera and capture some of their mercurial magic previously.

Enough—here we go:

Simply and proudly, we’re “a boutique creative agency”—call us for an ad campaign, a rebrand, or a two-day destination music festival. Wherever your brand comes to life.


Our mission is simple: “We communicate brand soul.” And we discover it in our Soul Sessions branding workshops. These sessions are challenging, but laden with results and insight.



Brand soul is about MUCH more than a logo. It’s in the air, in the ether, in the interstitial space. We keep it consistent, and inspired.



Every day, every engagement, every campaign—we work with our clients to solve problems they’re facing, and make the most of their every opportunity.



All of the above is a lot of our story, but not all of it. We’ve got paddles in our hands, ready to bring this community’s story to life. From The B-Side to Middle Waves, we’re rowin’.


We’ve looked back, and now it’s time to get movin’ forward again. So what do you think; wanna do great things?

Email Matt at [email protected], and let’s do great things together.

Thank you.

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