It's a Wonderful Parade!

We’ve been hard at work these last few months helping plan and produce the launch of Matilda Jane Clothing’s Spring 2014 Collection, It’s a Wonderful Parade.

Every MJC collection is broken in to four releases, and It’s a Wonderful Parade is no different. Spring 2014’s first release—Parade Day—sets the storyline for the rest of the season. To help bring the release to life, we worked with the MJC team to stage a parade (in Portland OR, no less). Now, an MJC parade is not just a marching band with instruments—it’s bunnies, ducklings, popcorn and lots (and lots and lots) of balloons! All this was captured in an exclusive-look “moodbook” that gives customers a feeling for the terrific new collection.

In addition to the brochure, we also helped create teaser and full-length online videos of the new line. These buzz-building videos are shared through Matilda Jane’s website and social media channels prior to launch. This is all digitally supported by collection-themed slideshows, inspiration sets and social touches that continue to animate the Parade theme.

One fun aspect of working with Matilda Jane, specifically this line, is the opportunity to hand letter signs and headlines. I’ve collected a few examples of our contribution to photography props, as well as some of the coy sayings that work so well with all the bright imagery.

The best part of all of this is that we get to work with a great team—not just at MJC, but also their other partners. If a parade is going to delight and inspire, it takes significant planning and strategy…and a collection launch is no different. We’re honored to be part of that process.

For all those little parade marchers in your life, take a look at the new line and brighten their day with a new dress…it’s the Spring line and, believe it or not, spring break is just around the corner!

And we’ll post more soon, from releases two, three and four!