Fort Wayne 'My City' Pins

We were recently asked by the Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) to collaborate, along with other community organizations, on a pin that represents pride in our community. It didn’t take long for us to accept the challenge and partnership. We couldn’t be more proud to call downtown Fort Wayne our home.

The design is a simple, yet a recognizable symbol of this pride, with a stylized heart and a flag staking claim to this region. The flag is placed on the upper-right corner representing Northeast Indiana. The project initially called for a lapel pin, but has been adapted into buttons, stickers and clings—all items to help us each uniquely display our pride.

However, the pin is just one piece of a bigger puzzle. On November 2nd, YLNI will be hosting the My City Summit. It is a one-day conference on community engagement and attachment—with a pretty impressive list of panelists and keynote speakers. I’m excited to attend and be a part of moving our community in the right direction. To learn more about registering or to see a complete list of breakout sessions—check out the YLNI My City Summit page.

We love seeing our good friends at Lutheran Health Network as presenting sponsors of this great event—and don’t miss OLG’s own Drew Kora and Matt Kelley as panelists (in the Putting Your Passions to Work and Defining Leadership breakout sessions, respectively).

Hope to see you there!

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