Inclusive & Adorable—The New Face of Beauty

This winter, we were thrilled to be able to serve Changing the Face of Beauty as the organization grows its network of agencies and brands that feature people of all abilities in their advertising and marketing.

To tell the story of how meaningful and uncomplicated an inclusive approach can be, we shadowed a recent photo- and video-shoot for Matilda Jane Clothing, at Colleen Chrzanowski’s studio in Chicago, IL.

Matilda Jane has been a long-time supporter of Changing the Face of Beauty, featuring kids of all abilities in a number of marketing projects over the years. The Matilda Jane marketing team and their vendor partners have found production to be smooth and rewarding, and the company’s network of Trunk Keepers and passionate customers love the approach.

This video includes an interview with Amy Smith, mother of a Changing the Face of Beauty model, and Jeff Blade, CEO of Matilda Jane Clothing. In the ten days after it posted to Facebook, the video received 70K views and over 900 shares!

OLG has long-supported Changing the Face of Beauty, including our efforts with The Good Ones Clothing, and our agency received a star award by DSANI for our work with Lutheran Health Network.

Likewise, many of our peer agencies, production companies and photographers in Fort Wayne have had similar experiences—especially with world-class organizations like Turnstone and Benchmark Human Services calling Northeast Indiana home. These shoots are no more difficult to plan nor execute than any other, and they result in terrific and resonant imagery—and are of great consequence.

Join us all in making sure a more real, more beautiful version of humanity is portrayed in your next marketing project.

– Matt Kelley

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