Meet CapeAble

CapeAble_500_image_1CapeAble_500_image_2One of our latest logo and brand positioning projects was for a local company with a special purpose.

Marna Pacheco and Susan Hickok started a company called CapeAble in Fort Wayne to make stylish therapeutic products for children and adults with sensory disorders.

It started when Marna’s daughter Millie needed help staying calm and focused in her therapies, so Marna designed a cute, weighted sensory cape to give her comfort and support. The evenly distributed weight helped Millie so much that Marna and Susan began making sensory products for people of all ages and abilities.

Today, their product line includes weighted blankets, lap pads, scarves, capes, learning tools and more.

When they started selling products at a retail store in Fort Wayne, the response from customers and occupational therapists was so incredible that they decided to expand operations. And the expansion called for new marketing materials to make their products more accessible to a national audience.

Logo-wise, they wanted something that would be hopeful, timeless and gender neutral. It had to convey the hard side of what they do, and the soft, comforting results of their products at the same time.

With that in mind, we designed a logo representing the hands of a soft embrace, using soothing blue and green tones to convey the calming factor — and a touch of orange for CapeAble’s energetic, go-getter spirit.

Then we developed the “Embrace Every Day” positioning to explain what CapeAble products empower their users to do. When people feel calm and focused, they can make the most of every moment with their friends, family members, teachers and therapists.

One of CapeAble’s top-selling products is called the Fidget. It’s a magnetic tool that people can manipulate when they have the urge to fidget, just as the name suggests.

Along with the logo and brand positioning, Marna and Susan asked us to develop a line of emotion magnets that would stick to the Fidget and other products or magnetic surfaces to help people express their feelings.

So we designed the Emotion Collection: A set of 18 embroidered magnetic patches with nine facial expressions and their corresponding words to encourage communication. We wanted to create images that were as simple to understand as emojis, but design-wise stood apart as something CapeAble could own. And these little faces with their different colors and expressions still have us smiling.

At the end of the day, CapeAble is making a true difference in people’s lives, encouraging us all to live to our full potential, and we at OLG are proud to partner with them.

If you are interested in supporting CapeAble or learning more about their products, visit their Facebook page: