A Breakthrough Fund for Breakthrough Ideas

In a community dense with nonprofit organizations, the source of support for these organizations is important to those nonprofits—and the community as a whole.

But often, the support that nonprofits need the most help with is hard to come by funding for—things like research and consulting. These steps are important to the success of any project, but even more so for projects that work toward solving crucial social issues.

That’s the challenge Foellinger Foundation was trying to help nonprofits overcome when they launched the Breakthrough Fund. As a part of their 60th anniversary, Foellinger Foundation’s Board of Directors earmarked up to $500,000 toward out-of-the-box ideas that help residents of Allen County lead fulfilling and connected lives. Nonprofit organizations and their partners were invited to collaboratively propose concepts that identify opportunity and creatively address a social challenge our community faces.

The Breakthrough Fund is split into two phases—the Refine Phase and the Realize Phase. Visit this page to learn more about the Breakthrough Fund and its phases.

OLG helped to create the name, positioning, lockup, additional marketing and video to launch this new grant opportunity.