Ash Answers

Maybe you’re familiar with Ash Brokerage, an insurance business that painted a new stroke of momentum our downtown Fort Wayne skyline.  And just like our skyline—Ash is ever-growing and evolving. So when they reached out for help identifying and communicating their brand soul—we knew this was a match for us.

Digging into the world of insurance advisors, we quickly learned Ash is the knowledgeable, selfless, proactive resource for professionals who sell life insurance, advanced planning and annuities. When individual advisors need help figuring out the complexities of the market or need competitive quotes for their clients, Ash Brokerage steps in and makes the process simple—“Ash Answers.”

“Our brand was kind of kept to ourselves. We lived it and breathed it every day, but we wanted to tell it to those that we served and have something for our team to rally around. Working with One Lucky Guitar enabled us to capture our inner story and bring it to life.” — Tim Ash, CEO Ash Brokerage

As part of rolling out “Ash Answers” as a brand platform, we were involved in creating brand video that dug at the heart of the new message and what it means to advisors. We developed a concept that visually revolved around Ash’s new, downtown Fort Wayne headquarters in which many glass surfaces where incorporated in the interior design. We showed the world of an advisor through custom illustrations that appeared on the surfaces themselves while Ash employees are busy in the background making sure communication runs smoothly and all needs are met—and exceeded. It was great getting to spend a few days within their walls to capture how Ash works on every level.

Additionally, we took the opportunity to update their logo, allowing it to live on in newer application and pair well with the new branding (including colors).

If you’re working with an insurance professional in the future and their contact is Ash Brokerage, know you’ll have access to all the answers you need.

Whatever the question, whatever the need. Ash Answers.