A New Look for Whitley County EDC

It has been wonderful partnering with organizations like the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation (Whitley EDC) because we know these organizations are critical to the success and prosperity of the communities we call home. I’m a Whitley County native, and over the years it has been a joy to watch my county expand. We are not all corn fields! Even though they are a huge part of our economy, we are so much more than that.

The Whitley EDC is the face of Whitley County economic development and commerce and strives each and every day to show what Whitley County has to offer to current businesses as well as those looking to expand or relocate. WIth many new expansions and big successes for the county, they realized that their current website and materials were not telling this same story. We were excited to help them tackle this challenge and worked with them to redesign their website and case study materials to better represent their mission and brand.

For the website, we were dealing with a fair amount of content that was directed at multiple audiences. With that in mind, we wanted to be sure the navigation intuitively directed each audience toward the content that was relevant to them. The end result is an organized and streamlined experience that gets you the information you need quickly–with a fresh new design to boot.

Check out the newly designed, responsive Whitley EDC site here and see how they are moving Northeast Indiana forward!

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