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A Word or Two about Lutheran Health

Dec 31 2014 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by Shane Starr
We’re proud of our ongoing partnership with Lodge Design and Lutheran Health Network. And we love a challenge. So we...

2014 music, etc.

Dec 31 2014 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Matt Kelley
When I think back on 2014, there’s no doubt the soundtrack rattling around my brain is going to be a...

Mighty Proud

Dec 24 2014 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by Emma McCarron
At OLG, we talk a lot about being able to do work we’re proud of for people we genuinely care...

Follow the Signs

Dec 16 2014 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by Jake Sauer
In OLG’s continued involvement of designing signage for the Arts United campus, we’re happy to show the latest...

Chris Darby & Cross-stitch

Nov 13 2014 | Filed under Show & Event | Posted by Emma McCarron
I’ve been going through a very serious phase in my young adult life. I’ve taken up cross-stitching and can’t be...