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Logo for an Era

Aug 2 2017 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by admin
Recently, Carroll High School reached out to us for help to give their 50th Anniversary Era some visual punch. Why...

Announcing: Best Album Ever, Tonight

Jul 28 2017 | Filed under Show & Event | Posted by Matt Kelley
Best Album Ever, Tonight is a new monthly series—part of our celebration of 13 years at 1301 Lafayette—at The...

Announcing: Lucky 13

Jul 27 2017 | Filed under News & Word | Posted by admin
  13 was my grandpa’s favorite number, and never meant anything but good to me. This September will mark 13 at...

The Landing Unveiled

Jul 24 2017 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by
Downtown Fort Wayne is booming… but first, there was The Landing. At One Lucky Guitar, we’re able to look out our...

Rays of Light Shine

Jun 15 2017 | Filed under Extra & Curricular | Posted by Matt Kelley
A couple years ago, some old friends and I got back together and started doing this thing we used to...