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Exploding Yogurt, Social Media and Brand Loyalty

Mar 20 2018 | Filed under Features & Headlines | Posted by Jasmine Bejar
This Dial post brought to you by Jasmine Bejar— I want to talk to you about yogurt. Yes, you heard (read?) me...

Taco Tuesday, Now & Forever

Mar 8 2018 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Matt Thomas
The Best Tacos in Fort Wayne, Courtesy of Matt Thomas and Jake Sauer— Taco Tuesdays have been a long-standing...

Welcome to Camp MJC!

Feb 20 2018 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by Olivia Fabian
This winter we were absolutely thrilled to pack up our sleeping bags and our hiking boots to set out on...

OLG's Favorite Things: Apps

Feb 12 2018 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Jasmine Bejar
Again this past holiday, we took a page from the Oprah Winfrey playbook and assembled our favorite things into one,...

2018: It's a Busy B!

Feb 6 2018 | Filed under Show & Event | Posted by Matt Kelley
2018 is upon us and the music has kicked off at The B-Side. On January 25th, the Tim Easton performed his—and...