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The Landing Unveiled

Jul 24 2017 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by
Downtown Fort Wayne is booming… but first, there was The Landing. At One Lucky Guitar, we’re able to look out our...

Rays of Light Shine

Jun 15 2017 | Filed under Extra & Curricular | Posted by Matt Kelley
A couple years ago, some old friends and I got back together and started doing this thing we used to...

Home Energy Remedies

May 19 2017 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by admin
Technology in the home is rapidly evolving and utility companies are taking notice. Recently, Indiana Michigan Power...

A Reason to Give

Jan 13 2017 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by OLG Newswire
2017 is already an exciting year for projects with Arts United. Recently, we launched newly redesigned touchpoints for...

The B-Side: 2016 Hit List

Dec 21 2016 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Emma DePrez
Hear what’s been soundtracking Team OLG’s work days—and nights— for the past year! From Hiss Golden...