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OLG's Favorite Things: Places

Jun 15 2018 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Jasmine Bejar
Recently, the City of Fort Wayne issued a survey asking what everyone’s favorite place is in Fort Wayne. Whispers...

Design Week Fort Wayne: A Love Note

Jun 7 2018 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Olivia Fabian
When you find people, projects and sources that make you feel alive…you hold on to them, reference them and...

My Leadership Fort Wayne Experience

May 29 2018 | Filed under Extra & Curricular | Posted by Beth Bobay
When it comes to professional development, there are so many options that it can be hard to pick what’s best....

Ash Answers

May 15 2018 | Filed under Art & Strategy, Too | Posted by Jake Sauer
Maybe you’re familiar with Ash Brokerage, an insurance business that painted a new stroke of momentum our...

Plant Life

May 3 2018 | Filed under Love & Like | Posted by Jasmine Bejar
When I first started to write this blog, I wrote a line in the direction of “There’s no better way...