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Hi all, Taylor here, serving up another round of my faves. Below is a handful of awesome articles, blogs, websites, stories, tips, industry updates and more—all in one place for your convenience—read on!

Will social media background checks soon trump resumés? It seems we’re heading in that direction. Many companies are starting to adopt this method of researching a potential employee. Whether you think this is crazy, or if you think taking account of a potential employee’s social presence is a solid method to determine their success, as this trend picks up it’s definitely worth being aware of…you may decide to update your privacy settings!

It’s about more than just following your passion, “that phrase is flawed,” says Chris Guillebeau. In this interview he talks about the story behind his new book “The $100 Dollar Startup.” I don’t know about you but after reading this interview, this book is definitely in my Amazon-shopping cart. Watch this video to find out how passion meets usefulness to create success.

Samantha Collier left her job as a lawyer to work in the word of social media. Now, she’s telling the hard, cold truth about the social world, and the dedication, time and the constant engagement that it requires. My favorite gold nugget she stumbles upon in this article is the importance of being genuine and transparent via social media. By saying, “act like yourself once in a while,” she hits on the uniqueness of the social medium, and it’s that uniqueness that roots my passion for all things social.

Part of being a strong writer is being confident in your wording, even if it’s a different style than a colleague or an editor. Fact: Every writer still needs an editor to point out mistakes and typos. Those in the business of writing may find themselves struggling to own their final product when it runs through the review process. Here are a few tips to keep your writing in your hands.

You may have heard a few rumors of surgeries being shared via Twitter, or maybe you caught the nod to this trend in a Grey’s Anatomy episode last year. This month, Houston’s Memorial Hermann Medical Center live tweeted a brain surgery. Thought it’s not the first time this has been done, the surgery got a lot of attention as the live tweeting took place for roughly four hours. Check out the Twitter feed… it’s unreal.