Heavy Hearts, Strong Hearts


Our Good Ones Clothing founder and partner Denise DeMarchis passed away this morning, June 23, 2015.

This day has been the year’s most beautiful day in Fort Wayne, and in particular in our little neck of the woods, Bricktown. We can feel Denise looking down on us, warming our hearts like the sun, inspiring us with her beauty and her brilliance.

This inspiration has fueled each and every one of us since the moment we each first met Denise.

While absolutely overcome with sadness, we know that Denise’s wish for us is that we all stand tall, with confidence, and lead generous, creative lives. Denise’s unwavering and contagious spirit will guide us for the rest of our days.

As you remember the way Denise touched your own life, we invite you to join us.

Denise DeMarchis changed the world for the better, and in such a short time. She wasn’t done. Together, and each in our own way, we can help finish her work.


The entire team at One Lucky Guitar and The Good Ones Clothing


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