Anchor Films Website Redesign

When Anchor Films decided to relaunch their website, we were excited to get the call.

Starting with our first meeting, a lot of care and thought were put into the choices we made as we developed the site. Our goal was to tell the story of who Anchor is, what they stand for and what differentiates them in the most effective way possible. Naturally, this was a very collaborative process as that kind of storytelling is one of their specialties as well.

From deep-dive, soul-baring interviews that veered into strategic planning, we were able to craft Anchor’s brand language. We then designed and developed the site, working closely with the AF team to ensure we were effectively delivering their dream website—one that serves on the frontlines with its sleeves rolled up as this young company takes on the world.

To ring in 2015, we launched the new website, alongside their new reel. Be sure to check out the rest of their superb work on the blog, too.


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